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Service Agreement and User Consent

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1.    Investment in the stock market is subject to market risk, we DO NOT offer any guaranteed profit services or Fixed Returns Services. We DO NOT provide any assurance or guarantee of profit or returns with any of our alert services. Trading in the Stock Market may result in Partial or Complete loss of Gains as well as Initial Capital. Before taking our Research Alerts Services any services of Trading Brain 4U, Clients should carefully read the Disclaimer, Legal disclaimer, terms and conditions, refund policy and other policies of our company.

2.    Investing and Trading in stock market is risky. It Involves both profit and loss, Due to leverage both profit and loss are exaggerated, our research service provides research alerts for trading ideas in future and option in stock specific as well as on index options, where both target and stop loss and Rationale for that trade at that point of time, is mentioned, however execution of trade is solely the responsibility of the client. We DO NOT provide any trade execution services.

3.    You understand and accept that Trading Brain 4U is Research Analyst firm, whereas registration granted by SEBI, in no way provide assurance/guarantee of performance of the Analyst in any manner. Any accuracy Level communicated to the user either in written or verbal or in our advertisements/website/Broadcast Group, is merely for indicative purpose only. You as client understand and agree that the accuracy Level/percentage of any of our research services/alerts may vary from time to time and there is no commitment from Trading Brain 4U and/or its owner/proprietor/managers/employees/associates to deliver you research services/alerts with the same fixed accuracy level/percentage.

4.    You understand and accept that you have cross checked all the details of the Organisation TRADING BRAIN 4U, with the Registration number RA- INH000009418, also mentioned at the top of the website, with,  and have read and accepted all 19 paras mentioned here carefully in detail, subsequently if You have made, any payment/subsequent payments, it will be taken as conclusive evidence for further negotiations and will be understood and accepted that You are agreed with all the pointers, terms and conditions including all the disclaimers, disclosures, and policies mentioned in the official website of Trading Brain 4U firm (

5.    You understand and accept that Trading Brain 4U as firm, it’s employees /associates /proprietor/Owner/have not lured for any guaranteed or assured fixed return or profits by trading and investing in the stock market either in the cash market segment or in future and option market. Before making any payment, If you require any clarity on this part, connect with us as many times as possible, but do not hold onto any misunderstanding about this aspect and also don’t make any payment in favour of the organisation.

6.    All payments must be made towards the bank Details/Scanner of Trading Brain 4U Only, Trading Brain 4U does not encourage taking any fees in personal account. You have cross checked the firm name and the destination name, where you are processing any payment, is matching or not.

7.    You understand and agree that As we as an Organisation receive any payment/subsequent payments from your end, it would be treated as if, either you have made reasonable profit in your first demo trade or satisfied and agreed with the conversation with our Associate/Employees over the call, WhatsApp chat or email along with all of these details terms and conditions/risk disclosures, mentioned over the website (

8.    You understand and accept that trading is a risky activity that involves the risk of Loss of partial or complete capital in no time and that there is no fix guarantee of profits or returns after subscribing/paying towards any of Trading Brain 4U Trading Research/Recommendations Alerts services,

9.    Considering the highest risky nature of trading business, we do not promote or encourage to trade after taking loan from financial institution/relatives. Client must understand this and declare that he will be trading/ investing with your own personal capital.

10.     You understand and agree that Payments made to Trading Brain 4U is like our consultancy charges (not for an investment in trading), for our Research/Recommendations Alerts Services Package, after being agreed by you. The final decision to take or not to take any trade is completely yours. Your Demat is in your hand, show discipline and never over trade by raising number of lots. You accept the entire responsibility at your own, for any gains or losses that arises out of your trading activities.

11.    You understand and accept that After speaking to our executives over the call/visiting/Using/accessing our website ( once there is any payments transferred for a subscription of any of our research services,  it will be treated as you are agreeing to these  mentioned paras, terms and conditions and, Legal Disclaimer, Disclosures, Policies and Procedures and User Consent of Trading Brain 4U firm mentioned on our official website (

12.     You understand and accept that Usually, we keep on updating our services on time to time basis based on the feedback we receive from our customers, So if you find any significant change in any of these terms and conditions, Legal Disclaimer’, Disclosure, ‘User Consent, ‘Refund Policy’, and ‘Privacy Policy’ or in any part of the website, along with User Consent, it will be our internal decision, modified term will be binding upon all the subscribers/customers of any of services packages.

13.    The term Trading Brain 4U ( is used throughout this entire document to refer to our website and our Research Alert Service Packages including broadcast services, by our employees and associates or by Proprietor. The word “YOU” refer to the customer/Subscriber/User of Trading Brain 4U.

14.     You understand and accept and declare that the details provided by you at the time of initial conversation/subscription to our services are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief and you undertake to inform us for any changes therein. in case any of the above information is found to be false or misleading, you are aware that you may be held liable for it.

15.    You understand and accept that for any/all trades taken by you, you yourself will be held responsible for the outcome of the trade/investment either resulting in a gain and You are willing to take complete responsibility for the outcome of all the trades placed in your Demat account/ trading account (Broker Account) during your tenure with Trading Brain 4U research service subscription period.


16.    You understand and accept that You have not been asked for your Demat Trading Account Login ID & Password by any of the employees/representatives of Trading Brain 4U.

17.    You understand and accept that Amount paid to Trading Brain 4U are Fees for providing Research Alerts Service/Trading Recommendations and this amount is not an investment in the Stock Market itself and that the amount of the fee paid by you is not refundable in any conditions. Further, You understand and accept that the fees paid by him, are only for research alert services as Consultancy fees and Trading Brain 4U firm and it’s the proprietor/ Owner/ employees/ associates is not going to invest any amount on behalf of customer, in the stock market. Accepting the above fact, You cannot and will not file any legal complaint or legal notice against the Trading Brain 4U and its proprietor/ Owner/ employees/ associates.

18.    Trading Brain 4U or its employees, associates or Relatives or Proprietor himself may have had or may be having the same or similar trading positions in the stocks/Index instruments, recommended by us in our research Alerts, reports/communication.

19.     Even though Occurrence of any payment in favour of Trading Brain 4U will be conclusive evidence that You have gone through and have accepted all the terms and conditions. Supplementary, we request you to acknowledge and confirm all the terms and conditions mentioned above in this document by clicking on the “Yes I Agree” button below in this document. Trading Brain 4U will consider these details as your consent/ acceptance of all the above terms and conditions, to be the final and will be taken on an as-is basis for all our services and products to which you may subscribe with us. On receipt or non-receipt of your confirmation to the Terms and Conditions of the above document, the above consent/ confirmation will be considered true and will be used in all our active records.

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Bushra Ansari

2 April 2024



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