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Trading THROUGH Tomorrow's Leaders


Certified Compliance Followed Environment

We make sure all of our team members follow the SEBI guidelines framework, and does not provide any guaranteed return or any mis leading statement.

Our philosophy and aim is to work for you as trading brain, and help the people
achieve maximum return from the market, at the same time having an emphasize on 
protection of the capital.


Dedicative Subject Matter Expert Team

What is utmost importance in the stock Market,is PRICE.No matter what's your Fundamental Research & Technical Analyst Team, showing the set up, ultimately we have to follow Price Action, then only we survive in stock market in long run.

Dedicative Live Market Support Team

Guidance on selection of Stock Brokers, based on criticality of client requirement. RMS & Margin related hurdle-How you can bypass all trade rejection.


Trading Brain 4U, as the name suggests, helps people to achieve their trading goals without facing more turbulences, as we deal into the riskiest part of the market i.e. Future & Option. Everyone has different Experience with stock Market all around the globe, People make some early success but soon that is gone as profit is achieved by Luck not by process.


Since we have been into the markets more than a decade, we have experienced a lot of volatile period and participated all through those periods. Come to us if you believe Market is a Risk Reward place, and Don’t come if you feel we do provide any fix assurance our guarantee. We suggest trade only when either fundamental Analysis, Technical Derivative Analysis or Tactical opportunity arises on the chart.



good blend of fundamental
Derivatives technical analyst team
more than 15+ years of hardcore stock market experience
risk management is the key to our success
our roots being in portfolio management, provide us an edge over OtherS.
open to listen & adaptability


You know why Stock Market by itself looks so speculative, because around more than 10 Lakh crores of average volumes are hit on the exchanges, and we are worlds number of exchanges in Future & option Market. So, when participants are in this larger number, of course moves will be very fast & wild as it has been always Losses and Profit will be quick in time. When we are dealing at this fast and furious roads, chances of accidents of course will be very high, if we don’t know how to control, gear up change the stance quickly.

We being in the game from longer period, have focused on Equity, and when we focus we learn something and grow, Our main goal are:-

  • We provide our brain to facilitate Trader who do jobs or business, do trade or want to take possession in F&O but can’t track the track the market on minute by minute basis, we support those large section of people and support their trading journey.

  • Apart from Time Value there are lot many factors that effects option value, since we have given huge time in the market, We understand those nerves well and try to support people based on our experience and understanding, to large section of society.

  • We provide our brain to Long-term Portfolio holders we provide good qualitative tips to our clients which can outperform the market in long run. We support the long-term Portfolio Holders at times how they can hedge their portfolio and earn even without selling their holding.

  • Stock Market is the name of the volatility, If you can stomach the volatility then you are welcome, We support people who understand market is Risk reward game and want to participate with fact, We Provides well managed risk & huge Reward based calls to these sort of clients, that you will realize once you experience our service.

  • All Price Action and Fundamental Strength is witnessed and visible on the chart first and then it gets the confirmation for the next moves. Sometime those moves are real, sometimes found fake, based on those understanding with correlating the other factor prevailing in the market at that point of time, we based on Derivative and Research Team call provides trading calls in the market, for all sort of trading community, whether you are a swing trader for 1-2-week, intraday traders, Short term Portfolio Holders, Long Term Portfolio Holders, or Scalper.

  • After proper Risk profiling, according to the client’s risk and Return expectation we do provide our trades and make sure our client achieves maximum return in the long term.




Valuing relationship:

In this industry, companies are hunting, utilizing, and keep on running based on new connections, No one bother to keep record of number of customers loosen in a month, year and so on.


We believe people do more business if we are able to value and sustain the relationship for longer period of time.


life long learning with earnings:

Earning is a by product of placing the system right, in place, we make sure there is a proper risk pooling, Risk measurement on client to client to basis.

Great Earning in stock market start from keeping the strong mechanism to control loss first, then market by itself rewards you heavily. Clients not only earn but learn also in long-term with us.


dynamic attitude:

In this Dynamic world where Everything can change in the blink of an eye, we need flawless, instantaneous, customized solution for every single aspect we are dealing with. A delay of 30 Sec because of any unrealistic, unsystematic reason can be well understand by a person who has suffered huge losses carrying huge position in any of the market segment.  Based on our Last 15 year’s hard-core experience we have designed customized solution based on market mood swings in wild manner.


recognition & reward:

“If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together” We believe in achieving the big targets is possible through team work, we believe in team building, team working. Team is the strength and backbone and that’s why we always recognize our team member’s efforts, in bringing the company where, we are.



We our self in long-term have experienced the Risk in the past in our stock market journey, we understand the dynamics of the market to the best of our knowledge and research team. We make sure that proper SEBI compliances are in placed while running the business and no fix earning commitment or anything violating compliance, are given by us.



For any inquiries, please call or email us:

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+91 9930113835  |

our address

Shri Darshan Building, Mumbai Pune Road, Manisha Nagar, Thane, Maharashtra-400605.

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